ALERT: The Tram Ride to the Top of the Arch is TEMPORARILY CLOSED for system improvements until late-April 2017. During the closure, no ticket is required for entry into the Arch facility which includes The Arch Store and the award-winning documentary, "Monument to the Dream". (free showings throughout the day).


Please Note: The Museum of Westward Expansion, located under the Gateway Arch is closed for significant renovations. Certain artifacts from the Museum are on display in exhibit galleries at the Old Courthouse.


Butler’s Pantry - 314-664-7680

Catering St. Louis - 314-961-7588

Catering by Orlando - 314-638-6660

Ces & Judy Catering - 314-991-6700

Garavelli’s - 314-352-6600

Hendri’s  - 314-752-4084

LaChef - 314-647-5350

Lazy Susan - 314-291-6050

LoRusso’s Catering - 314-647-6222

Patty Long Catering - 314-621-9598

Russo’s Gourmet Catering - 314-427-6771

Thomas W. Klein / Windows on Washington - 314-241-5555

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